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WORKERS OF THE WORLD TUNE IN! Introducing "Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report"

Our beat is the labor front, broadly defined, both geographically and conceptually. We examine the world of work and workers on the job as well as where they live. We examine the issues that affect their everyday lives, with a particular sensitivity towards human rights abuses, environmental concerns and the U.S. drive for global domination. We record their global struggles and provide analysis of their efforts to empower themselves and transform society to provide greater democratic, human, social, political and economic rights. Each program consists of feature stories, generally interviews, within a historical context, often accompanied by sound from demonstrations, rallies or conferences, and complemented and enhanced by poetry and instrumental or vocal -- people's culture.

Over the years Building Bridges has produced a weekly one hour program, Mondays from 7-8 PM EST, covering local, national and international labor and community issues over radio WBAI-Pacifica 99.5 FM in New York. We also produce half hour version, Building Bridges National, which is distribtued to over 40 broadcast and internet radio stations.

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75,000 Demand Tax Rich to Stop Cutbacks  

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition 27.5 minutes
Seventy Five Thousand In Country’s Largest Protest Say No To Budget Cuts & Demand Tax The Rich

Randi Weingarten, AFT; Lillian Roberts, DC 37; George Gresham, 1199; Faye Moore, Local 371, DC 37; Barbara Bowen, PSC; Nancy Wackstein, United Community Houses; Selah Brown, student, NYC Technical College; Harry Nespoli, IBT Local 831, Sanitation Employees; Lynne Muchinsky, lab technologist, Mary Immaculate Hospital; Noel Auld, Jewish Home and Hospital Nursing Home; and a cast of tens of thousands

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New York City just hosted the country’s largest protest to date, 75,000strong, declaring no to proposed state and city budget cuts and yes to taxing the rich. New Yorkers rallied against budget cuts being considered by the Governor and the Mayor. Unions, social service organizations and community groups came together to unite and fight. They demanded a more equitable tax share by the state's wealthiest taxpayers which would generate an estimated
6 billion dollars annually. Just as the protesters expressed their class interests in a show of solidarity the NY Times, and Daily News failed to run articles on the rally clearly expressing their class interest.

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